Published articles, notable interviews and other work by John Mozena:

The Tennessean: Nashville didn’t need to make a deal with Amazon

Crain’s Detroit Business: Money for roads hidden by corporate tax breaks

Indianapolis Star: Indy’s proposed soccer stadium deal unfriendly to taxpayers

Detroit News: Amazon retreats from NYC subsidies

Cato Daily Podcast: When Sweetheart Economic Development Deals Fail

Detroit News: Michigan can’t afford bipartisan corporate welfare

The Des Moines Register: It’s time to total the bill for Iowa’s tax credit spending spree (Also ran in the Quad-City Times and Cedar Rapids Gazette.)

The Oakland Press: Demand honesty on state’s economic development subsidies

Detroit News: Development incentives don’t benefit communities

Tough Talk With Taros: Why Corporate Welfare Doesn’t Work

Detroit News: Don’t use Amazon to defend new transit taxes

Think Freely Media: Creepy? The Real Facebook Risk is to Free Speech

Think Freely Media: Education Choice Is About Kids, Not Schools

Watchdog.orgLawsuit claims retailer’s new gun sales policy violates Michigan civil rights law

Think Freely Media: Government Unions Work For Their Members, Not for You

Detroit News: More Michigan voters won’t promote democracy Environmental rulemaking reform advances in Michigan legislature

Think Freely Media: Mayors Gamble Big on Amazon With High Stakes for Taxpayers

Watchdog.orgLarry Nassar scandal revives support in Michigan legislature for university legal transparency

Detroit News: We lost Amazon, so end corporate welfare

Crain’s Detroit Business (Blog post quote)Long, complex road ahead for MSU

Think Freely Media: The Problem with the Federal Budget Is That There’s No Federal Budget

Watchdog.orgTransparency advocates: Detroit’s FOIA delay highlights flaws in Michigan’s transparency law

Think Freely Media: Venezuelan Socialists Blame Capitalism for Socialism’s Starvation

Detroit Free Press (Interview)Detroit’s Amazon bid pitches big tax breaks, cheap labor costs, possible ferry to Windsor

Watchdog.orgFamily business or failed institution? Familiar names line up for Congress in metro Detroit

Detroit News: Enjoy Detroit’s new skyscraper: You’re paying for it

Watchdog.orgMetro Detroit transit tax deadline looms next year

Foundation for Economic Education: Be a Libertarian Who Cares

Think Freely Media: Jones Act Corporate Welfare Should Be Abolished – Not Just Suspended

Think Freely Media: Why Shouldn’t I Have the Right to Leave A Union?

Atlas Network (Interview): Pension Reform in Michigan, Pennsylvania Shows Shifting Public Opinion

WDTK-FM (Interview): Brandon Brice Show

Crain’s Detroit Business: MEDC CEO Wrong to Say He Has Blueprint for State’s Economy

Forbes: Michigan’s Journey From Single-State Recession to Fiscal Reform Leadership George Orwell and Humpty Dumpty Economic Policy

WJR-AM (Interview): Detroit Children’s Business Fair

Michigan Radio (Interview): Mackinac Center’s Report on Licensing Shows That I’m a Closeted Right-Winger Should Construction Workers Pay Taxes to Billionaires?

Michigan Chronicle: Wayne County Shouldn’t Subsidize a Soccer Stadium Michigan Wins When Immigrants Face a Fair and Predictable System The Hypocrisy of “Public” Education Rhetoric

Detroit Metro Times (Interview): Mackinac Center for Public Policy: Voters Shouldn’t Subsidize Pistons Move Resisting the Deforming Power of Government

Crain’s Detroit Business: Detroit’s Tax Climate Hurts Mobility Effort Voters Reject Detroit-Area Transit Boondoggle

CBS Detroit (Interview): Will RTA Transit Tax Fix Regional Woes? A $4.6 Billion Transit Millage Is a Tax Too Far for Detroit

Detroit News: Wayne County Taxes Already Too High Imaginary Murder Pets Versus Michelle Obama

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Some Michigan Universities Spend Huge Money Subsidizing Sports


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